Therapy of colors
The colours are quiet guides and powerful, able to influence our conscious and our subconscious until you activate certain behaviours and choices that at first glance we could judge how simple and perfectly natural, but that these are not.
Because we prefer certain colours than others?
We are the ones we want to identify our personality with a certain colour or, conversely, are we to establish the parameters of the interrelations between colours and feelings while understanding its complex historical and cultural stratification that is behind.
A simple answer, though not obvious, emerges from our tables: never as in any other context here the colours are able to express their full communication potential, even sociological. Why is this?

Because if the dishes presented during a dinner, either at home with friends or at a restaurant, we can with a little ‘attention, extrapolate information about the type of environment where food is served and therefore, also to understand how we are framed by the society in which we live when we dress the role of consumers. Even more important is the effect that the colours and combinations of different foods trigger in the human psychology by visually communicating the beauty of a dish in order to anticipate the taste, thus creating almost a magical connection between the palate and complex emotions.