Art therapy with the food
Art therapy is a treatment that uses artistic expression, as a tool, in order to promote health and promote healing. It is proposed as a means to express their emotions, and to understand and solve the difficulties. The artistic product, and ‘regarded as a symbolic representation of the patient’s inner world, is for the therapist a special instrument for access to its internal content and hence material of choice both for diagnosis and for a greater understanding of the subject.

The objective is to facilitate the therapeutic alliance the development of awareness and insight in a group of patients with an eating disorder which, by its nature, it is particularly characterized by splitting mechanisms, which sometimes makes it difficult work through verbalization.

In art therapy we can now find Visual food designer, which use the psychology of colours to treat. By creating edible shapes, adding a layer of fantasy, inventing stories, creating taste and colour combinations, Visual Food can transform your food into little works of art that can help the client express his/her feelings.