How to fight anxiety 20% - exp. 31st October 2017
Anxiety can be seen as a reaction of the psyche and body to perception, not always real, that the subject has life events. It should not be confused with fear, which often depends on a concrete external factor. Anxiety is linked to an internal factor and is therefore more difficult to control.
Anxiety is not a disorder, it must be recognised and analysed. Can become a tool of self-knowledge and exploited as a resource.
Skype consulting
A service for all those who have difficulty accessing my studio I offer a psychological counselling service video / conference via Skype.

You can also take advantage of the service even in the evening hours until hours

Single Skype Consultation (45 Minutes) Two Seat Package …… Three Seat Package …….. We will notify you of the payment methods via Paypal and, once I receive your payment, the advice will be made via video call, using the free Skype program and at no extra charge.